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Physio Republic

Physio Republic is a specialist musculoskeletal Physiotherapy practice set in the heart of Ashby de la Zouch.

Our rooms are based within Fitness Republic, a gym renowned for its friendly, professional approach and expert coaching. This has been done in order to provide complete and seamless high quality rehabilitation from your first visit to your peak performance.

Some of our clients require advice, others need treatment and tailored exercise whilst others require a multi-disciplinary approach, bringing together all the skills of our staff.

We never forget that each one of our clients is different. This core belief forms the basis of our approach to your improvement.

Our Philosophy

Physio Republic was established in order to provide an exceptional musculoskeletal Physiotherapy service to all. Our aim is to provide a personalised rehabilitation treatment program for those wishing to rid themselves of symptoms and return to their best. For those who want to improve their best and push themselves even further, we believe everyone has untapped potential.


Treatment built for your needs

Professional advice

Physio Republic will aim to provide you with a full musculoskeletal assessment and treatment program, bringing together the services of the team at Fitness Republic to guide you throughout your exercise progression or rehabilitation program.

Your assessment

Each assessment is structured to find the reason behind your symptoms and develop a personalised plan to correct the causes and improve your performance.

Conditions we treat

Foot and ankle problems
Calf strains/tears
Knee pains
Hip problems
Rib injuries
Low back pain
Thoracic pain/stiffness
Neck pain and headaches
Shoulder problems
Elbow, wrist and hand pain
Muscle tightness
Joint restrictions

Your treatment

Your assessment will highlight the improvements that need to be made and your treatment will involve working with your Physiotherapist to achieve those improvements and reach your goals.

This may involve joint manipulation, muscular strengthening, stretching, soft tissue massage, nerve mobilisation treatment and active performance retraining.

Custom plan

Everyone is different and we never forget that at Physio Republic. The treatment and advice you receive will be specific to you and your symptoms. There are no pre-printed, off-the-shelf exercise sheets given out. If you bring your smartphone, your exercises and their progression can be filmed for you, so you can refer to them as often as you need.

Proven results

With over 20 years of musculoskeletal Physiotherapy experience, our service has striven to achieve consistent relief of painful symptoms and taken clients from injury to personal best performances in both amateur and professional sport.


  • assessment & treatment

  • 75 minutes
  • run screening

  • 75 minutes - includes assessment & gait analysis