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Bike Fit + Rider Fit

Individual rider assessment providing a seamless fit between bike and rider is part of the unique service offered at Physio Republic.

The main aim of any bike fit is to improve optimum rider comfort and efficiency, reduce the risk of injury and help resolve current riding symptoms.

The bike is a precision made piece of equipment.

The rider needs to match that precision as closely as possible in order to provide optimum control over the bike.

Therefore, the most important part of any bike fit is to know the biomechanical set-up of each rider, the muscle balance composition and their individual riding aims and goals. Once we know the rider we can tailor their bike fit to give them the optimum riding position and maximum efficiency.

This is where a Physio Republic Bike + Rider Fit is unique. Our Physiotherapy assessment will screen the rider from head to toe and give a detail unlike any other.

Novice, Professional, Time Trialist, Road Cyclist or Triathlete; we will find you the perfect position.

Bike + Rider Fit

2h30mins £150

Our Bike + Rider Fit service is our complete service for our new clients, assessing the rider from head to toe, measuring joint mobility, muscle lengths and flexibility along with strengths, weaknesses and the optimum riding posture. The bike is then adjusted to take into consideration the detailed assessment of the rider. A tailored muscular improvement program is included to compliment the new riding position.

Bike Fit

1h30 mins £115

Our Bike Fit service is suitable for those riders who have already had a biomechanical assessment in the Run Screening service with us or have attended the clinic for previous treatment and who would like to have their bike adjusted for an optimum riding position. A muscular improvement program is included to compliment the new riding position.

Bike Fit Review


With each of our Bike Fit services we offer a review of your riding position after 3 months to check the adjustments that have been made and adjust the riding technique and posture as required. A rider’s second bike set-up can also be arranged for the cost of a review appointment.

Each of our services include cleat positioning, saddle fore/aft adjustment, saddle height/tilt, handlebar correction, brake lever position and knee/hip tracking, along with bike measurements.


“Training for my first Ironman Triathlon. Very thorough and professional bike fit, Craig altered the set up of my bike and shoes to compliment my body and riding position. Already seeing positive gains from this service, would definitely recommend.” Andrea T


All Bike Fits are carried out in the clinic but can also be arranged at your own home for those with turbo set-ups. Please contact the clinic at admin@physiorepublic.co.uk to arrange this service.